Publications, Projects et. al.


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  1. (2017) KubeCon North America - "Cost-effective Compute Clusters with Spot and Preemptible Instances" [Slides] [Video]

  2. (2017) Silicon Valley Code Camp (SVCC) - "Container and Kubernetes Networking 101" [Slides]

  3. (2017) Opensource Summit North America - "Container and Kubernetes Networking 101" [Slides]

  4. (2015) Openstack Tokyo - "Persisting Data In Your Cloud With Cinder Block Storage" [Video]

Projects (Academic)

  • lwthreadlib - Implemented a non-preemptive user thread library for linux. (As part of Graduate Operating Systems course).

  • libmutex - Implemented mutual exclusion and condition variable concepts as in extension to lwthreadlib.

  • libsched - Preemptive scheduler for user level thread library.

  • multihop bluetooth tether - Developed android app for bluetooth tethering using multi-hop routing. (To be published in android market).

  • cloud brokering solution - Developed EC2 provisioning module as part of a solution to brokering resources from Amazon EC2 for NCSU's home grown cloud VCL(Virtual Computing Lab). Video

  • Chord LT (peer-to-peer system) -Developed the system based on the Chord algorithm using circular DHTs as part of the course work for graduate level course - Internet Protocols (CSC573)

  • p2mp (point to multipoint) communication system over UDP. Implemented sliding window logic and ARQ scheme for reliability.

  • [PDF] Simulation study of interference in 802.11n/g wireless schemes caused due to variying number of AP's present in a single cell/shared medium.

Projects (Others)

  • Indic-Keyboards (Open source under Apache 2.0 license.) - C++ and Java

[PDF] Developed an Input Method (IM) called "indic-keyboards" for MILE Lab, Indian Institute of Science. It is a common keyboard interface for Indian languages. Currently supports Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Hindi, Oriya, Malayalam, Punjabi and Bengali. Supports popular layouts like KaGaPa, Tamil99, Inscript, Remington along with phonetic input support. It is open source licensed under Apache2.0. Successfully implemented and distributed in the above mentioned website

Software is being used by Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Completed under the guidance of Prof. A.G.Ramakrishnan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

  • Intercity Clearing - Developed and installed a VB6.0 module to record outstation cheques and provide day wise totals in a floppy.

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