About Me

I am a Sr. Engineering Manager at VMware, leading part of the control & data plane SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) team. I am vocal about and lead the SaaS & cloud-native transformation story within the control & data plane space; along with people management and leadership activities. I continue to be involved in Kubernetes & opensource communities.

Prior to VMware, I managed the Kubernetes development team for Platform9 Systems and architected, designed and wrote code among other things . I worked on everything networking with deeper focus on Kubernetes.  Before Platform9, I've worked with  Cisco Systems, Aruba Networks and  Siemens Information Systems Ltd. I hold a Masters degree in Computer Networking from  North Carolina State University. During my undergraduate times, I was fortunate to work at Medical Intelligence and Language Engineering (MILE lab), Indian Institute of Science as a research assistant. I've gained insights into algorithms targeted at medicine to NLP (Text-to-speech) to distributed systems and container networking.

My interests are in the field of Computer Networks, Virtualization, Cloud computing, Distributed systems, System architecture, cloud-native landscape and recently Machine learning.


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